Minnesota International Center - A World Affairs Council

Great Decisions Program


Great Decisions is a dynamic citizen education and discussion program, sponsored nationally by the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) and coordinated locally by the Minnesota International Center (MIC).

Each year eight topics significant to the United States’ role in the global community are chosen by the FPA for in-depth examination through an annual Briefing Book and DVD series with 30 minute episodes on each topic. Briefing Books, DVDs, and Teacher's Guides may be ordered directly from MIC.

New! 2016 Topics
Middle East Alliances
The Rise of ISIS
The Future of Kurdistan
The Koreas
The United Nations
Climate Change
Cuba and the U.S.

2015 Topics
Russia and the Near Abroad
Privacy in the Digital Age
Sectarianism in the Middle East
India Changes Course

U.S. Policy Toward Africa
Syria's Refugee Crisis
Human Trafficking in the 21st Century
Brazil's Metamorphosis




Great Decisions aligns with MIC's vision to provide opportunities for Minnesotans to:

  • Understand the impact of the world on our personal and professional lives

  • Comprehend the complexity of global issues

  • Nuture the next generation of international leaders, policy makers and workers