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Job Description

Position Title: World Affairs Program Intern

Staff Supervisor:

World Affairs Program Manager

Background: The Minnesota International Center is a non-profit community organization that promotes international exchange and understanding between Minnesotans and the world. World Affairs Programs address current international issues in a number of formats including breakfast and lunch meetings, evening receptions, seminars, symposia, roundtables and discussion group formats.

To work in an administrative capacity for the World Affairs Program providing:
  1. Event assistance - Pre-event registration assistance, materials preparation and registration at the event. Assist with follow-up after the event.
  2. World Affairs Background Files - Prepare event archival files and maintain country information files from local, national, and international magazines and newspapers.
  3. Event promotion - Telephone follow-up on event publicity mailings. Assist in mailing media announcements on events.
  4. General clerical duties - faxing, mailing, telephoning, and preparing written correspondence.
  5. Research - conduct research on potential speakers and topic areas. Assist in preparation of educational materials for events.

Organizational skills, ability to work independently, ability to work on several projects simultaneously, interest in world affairs issues, and ability to interact with the public. Preferred word-processing and data entry skills.

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