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Walter F. Mondale
Former US Vice-President and US Ambassador to Japan, Partner, Dorsey, & Whitney LLP

"The current international climate offers us a very special opportunity to build new levels of peace, security, and mutual understanding among nations. MIC is at the forefront of this effort on a local level. "

Former MIC Intern

"My experiences as an intern at MIC were so wonderful. I loved my semester - MIC is an unbelievable place, full of excellent resources and programs, and fantastic people. It is a great feeling to be excited to go to work each day. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of MIC. It can be difficult to get involved in international issues, so it is great to know that there is a place to go where discussion is accepted and learning is encouraged. "

Arthur D. Collins, Jr.
President and CEO, Medtronic, Inc.

"As Minnesota companies become more closely linked to the global economy, the resources and programs of the Minnesota International Center become increasingly useful. MIC provides a forum to share ideas on international issues, strengthening awareness of other people and cultures in our workplaces, in our schools, and in our communities. Medtronic is proud to be the Premier sponsor of the Minnesota International Center. "

Richard H. Anderson
CEO, Northwest Airlines, Inc.

"The Minnesota International Center plays an important role in increasing the state's visibility in the world's market place. It features an outstanding group of international speakers and related programs each year which benefits business, government and education. We are fortunate to have this organization in our state. "

International Scholar from Mexico

"MIC was one of the best experiences in my fellowship year. The people, the contacts with American students, MIC volunteers and staff; everything was great! MIC's activities gave me the opportunity to show a view of my country different from some stereotypes. "

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