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What the classroom students have gained:

  • "The students had a chance to see another culture as different and wonderful."
    - 1st grade teacher, Blake Lower School, Hopkins

  • "The speaker gave the students a window into another country."
    - 4th grade teacher, Pine Bend Elementary, Inver Grove Heights

  • "The students gained an understanding of another country, region and people; a realization of the interconnectedness of people; and a global awareness and concern for others."
    - 12th grade teacher, Washburn Senior High School, Minneapolis

  • "Students learn an appreciation for all people and diverse traditions."
    - 2nd grade teacher, Lily Lake Elementary School, Stillwater

  • "The students heard about personal experiences, unlike what is being presented on the news and in their books."
    - speaker from Israel

  • "The most important thing, I suppose, is that they were exposed to differences - the first step in intercultural development."
    - speaker from Hungary

  • "Students gained much more information from direct contact with the speaker than they perhaps could learn from the text book only. Also, the presence of a speaker created impetus for students to read the textbook."
    - speaker from China

What the international speaker has gained:

  • "I just love the atmosphere in those classrooms - so friendly, so energetic. The interactions, the communications from both sides... make me feel so happy."
    - speaker from Taiwan

  • "The young students in a special way showed me an aspect of the American life and its realities that greatly impacted on my insights of the similarities between Kenya and the USA."
    - speaker from Kenya

  • "I always learn from students! (How much or how little I know things.)"
    - speaker from Brazil

From Students:

  • "I thought that what the speaker had to say was very interesting. It's nice to learn about China from an actual Chinese person."
    - 7th grade student, Webster Open School, Minneapolis

  • "I really enjoyed learning about Sweden. I learned that not all countries are the same,"
    - 5th grade student, Park Elementary, Hutchinson

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