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Recent & Upcoming Exchanges

Recent and Upcoming Professional Visitors whose itineraries are planned by Professional Exchange Programs of the Minnesota International Center

February, 2001

  • Venezuela Leader of human right group. Here to meet with Minnesota Human Rights groups and view the Human Rights Library at University of Minnesota Law School.
  • Azerbaijan Two founders of a non-governmental group advocating for prisoners' rights. Here to discuss human rights advocacy and prison conditions in Minnesota.
  • Austria Director of Green Party Parliamentary Caucus. Here to discuss administration of the Minnesota Legislature.
  • Japan Government Planning Specialist in Education. Here to discuss Minnesota experience with school choice, accountability, standards and more.
  • Netherlands Member of Parliament. Here to discuss watchdog groups, and effect of advocacy groups in shaping public debate and public policy.

March, 2001

  • African-Regional Group Twelve member group of women in law from African nations. Here to discuss women and the courts, family law and crime and punishment of women.
  • Brazil Legislative Consultant. Here to learn about the American federal, state and municipal budget process.
  • New Zealand CEO, Federated Farmers of New Zealand, Inc. Here to discuss issues related to international agricultural trade and the organization of the agricultural sector.
  • Multi-Regional Group Twelve member group of women leaders from various Arabic-speaking countries. Here to discuss women in public policy and public office.

April, 2001

  • Turkey Attorneys and Public Prosecutors. Here to discuss human rights, freedom of expression and state and local courts.

June, 2001

  • Multi-Regional Group. This twenty member group will meet with local volunteer organizations and attend the Points of Light Conference.

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