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The Good Friday Agreement
March 22, 2003

Join MIC and the Minnesota Chapter of the Irish American Unity Conference for a presentation by Dr. Sean Farren, Minister of Finance and Personnel and a Social Democratic and Labor Party member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. He will discuss the challenges of implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the future of Northern Ireland politics.

Dr. Farren has been a member of the SDLP since the early 1970s. He has served the party in several capacities, at branch, constituency and executive levels. As a member of the executive, he served as Vice-Chair and as Chair from 1977-1984. Currently he is a representative of the party's Assembly Group on the Northern Ireland Executive. In 1996 he was elected a member of the party's negotiation team to the inter-party negotiations from 1996-98 and led the negotiating team in the run up to the Good Friday Agreement.

For more information, call Michael at 651.224.8979

  • Time: 7:00 P.
  • Place: William Mitchell Collage of Law Auditorium, 875 Summit Avenue, St. Paul
  • Cost: Free   (Open to the public. )

MIC regrets that you will be charged for cancellations made less than two full business days in advance of programs, or cancellations made after the registration deadline, if one is given.

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