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Diverse Traditions - Common Ideals Workshop
Thursday, August 21, 2003

MIC has received support from the National Council for International Visitors and the U.S. Department of State to implement the "Diverse Traditions - Common Ideals" project in Minnesota. This national project is designed to encourage interaction and mutual learning among Americans of all faiths, by hosting events and activities which allow for the substantitve discussion of basic beliefs and shared values.

The workshop and panel presentation are designed to highlight similarities among religious traditions and the common aspirations shared by everyone, regardless of religion or culture, providing a strong foundation for ongoing discussion and the development of relationships based on mutual respect that comes from understanding.

The workshop, designed by MIC, will provide participants with a framework for comparing and contrasting religions and will demondstrate how the framework might serve as a tool for facilitating similar dialogues in classrooms and communities in the weeks following the workshop and panel presentation. Workshop participants will be asked to share what they learn with their students, family and friends. K-12 educators will find the workshop especially helpful in creating curricula for today's multi-cultural and multi-lingual classroom. Similarly, Great Decisions group leaders and participants will learn new techniques to enhance their monthly world affairs discussions. The participation of newly-arrived international students and scholars from the University of Minnesota will further enrich this highly interactive and informative workshop.

K-12 teachers interested in receiving .4 Continuing Education Units through the U of MN for attending this workshop, please contact Paul Leistra at pleistra@globe.mic.umn.edu or 612.625.4138 for more information about cost and program details.

A limited number of expense stipends are available to workshop attendees traveling from outside the seven country metro area. Contact MIC at mic@globe.mic.umn.edu or 612.625.4421 for more information.

Both events are FREE to MIC members
Non-members cost is $5 for EACH event
Teachers interested in CEU cost information, contact Paul Leistra at pleistra@globe.mic.umn.edu or 612.625.4138.

  • Time: 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
  • Place: Humphrey Institute for Public Affairs, Cowles Auditorium, U of MN, 301 19th Avenue S; Parking at 3rd Street S and 19th Avenue S ramp.
  • Cost:
        $0 Member/Students
        $5 Non-Member
        (Individuals may attend the panel discussion and/or the workshop but pre-registration is required. Non-member cost is $5 for EACH event. )
  • To register: Complete our online pre-registration form

MIC regrets that you will be charged for cancellations made less than two full business days in advance of programs, or cancellations made after the registration deadline, if one is given.

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