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December 7, 2002 Turkey
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Josh Moore
November 24, 2002 Senegal
I'm delighted to see MIC going strong and continuing to attack pertinent the most questions in international affairs.

Yevgeni Garif
April 22, 2002 Russia
I would like to praise MIC for all the wonderful work you are doing. I enjoyed a lot of events you put together. I will try to find time to contribute to your classroom connection time during this year. Best wishes.

Adnan Al-Homoud
January 14, 2002 Kuwait
It is very pleasing to see new things happening every time I visit the site.Congratulations for the dynamic people at MIC. For a person who lived in Minneapolis during school years and made lots of good friends at MIC,I would like to suggest having a page on your site of the people with their emails who work and had worked at MIC so they can be recognized for their outstanding efforts and be given the credit they deserve,and also for others,like me, to be able to reconnected with them again.

Jenny H
December 4, 2001 Minnesota - USA
As a diversity enthusiast, I applaude you MIC for all the great work you have done and continue to do! Wonderful, informative web site!

September 14, 2001 USA
I have recently been assigned a job to develope a children's multi-cultural exhibit. This site has been an informative engine, that I've incorporated to give me some ideas, as well as educate me into the arena of diverse situations

Lindsay Hansen
May 29, 2001 USA
Things are really running smoothly...I attribute it to the addition of the indefatigable Emily Stull. Way to go, Emily!

William Duna
February 22, 2001 U.S.A.
May I submit that you present a program on the persecution of Roma (Gypsies) in Europe. The Roma are found in every country of Europe and are denied equal rights under the law.

Frank White
November 23, 2000 u.s.a.
As an ex-Pan American/World Airway's 747 captain, I think Minnesota has a great heritage in Charles A. Lindbergh and his father,Congressman Lindbergh. Pan American/World Airway's was a great American worldwide symbol of friendship, excellence and peace for the American people. Charles A. Lindbergh was one of Pan Am's leaders.

Roma Calatayud Stocks
June 12, 2000 USA-MEXICO
I was quite impressed at the quality of speakers during the Mexico symposium and the post benefit "Celebramos Mexico". MIC is a wonderful venue for learning about other countries.

Holly Fletcher
April 8, 2000 USA
In the summer of 1996 I interned at MIC and I highly recommend this experience! The staff at MIC are bright, enthusiastic and engaged in the work they do. Congratulations on running such a remarkable Center.

Gina Johansen
October 15, 1999 Egypt
I am a graduate student studying at the American University in Cairo, and am happy to find a site that brings the world to Minnesota. The reaction of many people to my pronouncement that I am from Minnesota is"where is that?" if they are not American, and "so, you live on a farm?" if they are. This must change!

Asit Roy
August 9, 1999 India
Thanks to the excellent neworking of all the agencies under the USIA International Visitors Programme. I really had the most wonderful time during my visit to the US in 1998. I shall be happy to assist in whatever manner regarding India and the Indian culture/economy.

Angela Lund
June 24, 1999 USA
I am a law student interested in international law and international relations. I grew up in northern Iowa and have spent a great deal of time in Minnesota. I accessed this web page in order to learn more about the opportunities and organizations available in my home area in the international arena. From what I have seen, you seem to be doing a great job. Keep it up!

Elizabeth R. Young
January 13, 1999 USA
I am enjoying program and volunteer opportunities with the MIC. So far, I have had two dinner parties with international students as guests. Both were great fun for me and gave me an opportunity to learn about different parts of the world. I plan to do more dinner hosting in the Spring. I am also expecting to transport foreign student speakers to the Minneapolis public schools to give speeches there. I just hope that the visits occur in good weather! We do not want to drive in a blizzard. Of the programs I have attended, the most informative so far was the one at the Mpls. Radisson Hotel with the comparative discussion of the Truman and Clinton foreign policy initiatives. The program that was the most fun for me was the joint party at Butler Square with the Japanese Society. I look forward to upcoming programs.

Everett L. Miller
January 12, 1999 USA
As diversity enthusiasts and a worldbeat genre music entertainment company, we truly appreciate the effort of MIC and look forward to the opportunity to benefit from and serve our global community.

Krista Miller
December 1, 1998 USA
Just wanted to let my friends out there know that I haven't forgotten about you and that I miss you! Keep up the good work! Con cariƱo- Krista

Robin Bansal
October 13, 1998 India
This is a great effort in improving multicultural relations. Your ICC and intercultural programs are of special interest to international graduate students like me. Kudos to the MIC volunteers and staff.

Nikkie Schneider
July 29, 1998 The Netherlands
Hello. I have such great memories of participating in the Classroom Connection. It was so much fun to teach little kids, and young adults about my home country. At times I even shock and surprise them. There is nothing better to see that glimmer in their eyes, enjoying the new information, and you hear them singing the Dutch song you taught them as they are walking the hallways.They enjoyed it, and I did. It was a great experience and I'd do it again given a chance. Thank you for arranging all this, most of all Jenny Winker, and all those kind volunteers that gave me a ride out to the schools. It was always fun to talk with an interesting Minnesotan on the way over there. - Nikkie Schneider

Adnan AL-Homoud
July 4, 1998 Kuwait
Home at last! This is the place tobe if you want to know what is going on in the world from "the people's mouth"; ie,the people who come these parts of the world. It also the best place in town, no in the whole US of A to meet people from all over the world. Believe me, I have been there for four and a half beautiful years.MIC staff ! keep giving and may God bless for all your efforts.

Young Park
March 20, 1998 Korea
I have been working as a intern at this remarkable NGO since last quarter. This is a really nice place for students to learn international affairs. It would be a good time if you have a chance to work here with fabulous staffs. Try it!

James K. Nestingen
February 14, 1998 Minnesota USA
Thank you for being. Your luncheon programs are very well done. The others at my table were easy to engage in well informed and well intentioned conversation - inspired by the speakers, no doubt. I look forward to many more.

Elaine Garbe
December 1, 1997 Beijing, China
Last summer I interned at MIC for Carol Byrne and had a wonderful experience. I know first-hand what a great organization MIC really is. I encourage everyone to at least contact MIC and check it out for themselves. Zai jian -- See you again!

Carol Allin
November 13, 1997 Minnesota USA
Having been a volunteer at MIC since BEFORE they had computers, this is really wonderful to see them go high-tech. Nice clean Web site.

Grant Olson
October 28, 1997 USA
This web site is a great medium for informing and familiarising people about the mission and existence of MIC. Now the entire world has access to MIC's interesting programs and events.

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