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Stephen Scott
Religion Editor, Pioneer Press

"After offering a series of programs to meet that need [religious knowledge in the Twin Cities] in recent years, the independent, nonprofit organization today is bringing together “three great world religions” to help the public learn more about Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and teach area teachers how to lead classroom discussions on religion. "

Corry Schermerhorn
Fairmount Peace Group

"All of our Fairmont Peace Group members were very impressed with the groups of students you brought to Fairmont. The High School students also enjoyed their presentation, especially our exchange student. Thanks again for bringing these people to Fairmont. Would it not be great if these students were the leaders of their country. Our planet would be a much better place to live. "

Jeremy J. Rupp
Cultural Liaison, Woodland and Cedar Island Elementary

"Thank you for being so wonderful to work with and for all of the support that you provided! The culture Fair was a HUGE success! People have been raving! "

Consul General Xu Jinzhong
Chinese Consulate

"The Minnesota International Center's (MIC) Year of China Program was a great success thanks to the commitments of all parties concerned, particularly the MIC staff and the active participation of the local people who have a strong interest in China. The diversified program serve as a good platform for increase of mutual understanding and promotion of cooperation between China and the State of Minnesota. I truly believe that we will witness and enjoy the benefits of the program in the years to come. "

Lori A. Delahunt
Teacher/Counselor, St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center

"On the anniversary of 9-11, MIC offered to send Muslim speakers to our classrooms free of charge and we took advantage of that opportunity. A man from Pakistan came and spoke to a morning and an afternoon group here. He did a great job explaining to those of us who don't know as much U.S. history as we should, why the people of Pakistan might be reluctant to cooperate with our government and troops even if the Pakistani government pledged to help us. He was able to explain the experiences he has had here as a Muslim in the U.S. since 9-11 without placing blame. "

Ed Lord
MIC Member

"Thank you for another outstanding event. This time you guys outdid yourselves. I am so grateful that I re-stumbled across MIC and joined the ever-growing number of people throughout Minnesota that are able to educationally grow through your events. "

Kathy Johnson
CIDE University of Minnesota

"To the Staff of MIC,
I would like to say thank you for the incredible symposium today. I found great value in every one of the presentations. I am coming from an educational background and working relationship with China, but the contributions of each individual added insights and new knowledge that I know will benefit the work I do. Please know the time, effort, and energy you all put forth to make this happen was truly appreciated. Kudos. "

Lori Delahunt
Teacher at St. Croix Valley Alternative Learning Center

"--Speaking about what she gained through the experience of having a MIC International Speaker visit her classroom: “[I gained] a sense that I can bring a little bit of “the world” to these students—many of whom, if they travel at all, will travel to some spring break destination with a bunch of other American kids. As we all know, meeting an individual, who does not fit our stereotypical image of a group, helps to break those stereotypes down. "

International Classroom Connection participant

"MIC has been an excellent connection for me with Minnesota’s diverse community and culture. Through its International Speaker program, I have had the opportunity not just to share the Indian culture with the school students I visited, but also to learn from the cultures they come from. I would strongly encourage all international students to enthusiastically participate in all MIC events. They are fun, educational and always memorable! "

MIC Member

"Each time I get involved with an MIC program makes me wish that I could attend every function and talk to every visitor. Thanks again for working to bring the world into focus and in person through MIC. "

Akayo Doi
editor: The Japan Digest, presenter at the “Japan at a Crossroads: Challenges and Opportunities” symposium.

"I just wanted to commend you for the superb organizing job and say thank you for including me in such a distinguished group of participants. I go to many conferences, but this one was particularly memorable for its excellence. "

ICC speaker from India

"I never realized that I could get more happiness by giving part of myself for a larger cause. My experiences with the escorts, the teachers, the host families and the students are special pearls shimmering on the necklace of life…moments which make up some of my fondest memories of Minnesota. "

Uri Camarena
Public Relations Manager, UPS

"MIC has tremendous clout and it is reflected in the caliber of the presenters. The staff of MIC does work hard to put together the symposium and other programs [and] it shows! "

Ross Wilson
U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan

"Thank you so much for your work in organizing the MIC forum and the other parts of my schedule in Minneapolis. This was exactly the outreach-the diplomacy toward Americans (as opposed to just foreigners)-that the President and Secretary Powell want us to do more of. "

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