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International Classroom Connection

The International Classroom Connection (ICC) matches Minnesota elementary and secondary classrooms with international people to learn first-hand about other cultures. ICC is unique among international speakers programs because:
  • ICC uses a cultural themes approach which allows the integration of an international perspective across the curriculum.
  • A highly interactive approach is used in presentations by speakers and teachers to actively engage students in learning about culture.
  • ICC encourages repeat visits to the classroom, which allow personal bonds with the speaker to develop and deeper cultural understanding to occur.
  • Training is required for all participants. Workshops introduce participants to cultural themes and ideas for integrating an international perspective into classroom curriculum.
To download MIC's Classroom Program brochure, click here. (155K) PDF

Who are the participants?


Many international speakers are university-level students and scholars studying in the Twin Cities area. International residents of the community also participate.


Teachers who are motivated to create an intercultural classroom environment fill out applications to participate in ICC for an academic year. They become Partners with the International Classroom Connection, participating in workshops, and integrating international speakers into their curriculum.


Classrooms from kindergarten through high school, in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota are involved. Social studies, world languages, literature, geography, history and science classrooms all benefit from the world of perspectives offered by ICC speakers.

You Have the Whole World to Gain!

students, teachers and international speakers all benefit from participation in the International Classroom Connection.

Classroom students:
  • Learn first-hand about other countries and cultures
  • Interact with international speakers and increase intercultural communication skills
  • Ask questions about current issues and daily life
  • Learn multiple perspectives
  • Discover their connections to the rest of the world
  • Understand similarities and differences among diverse cultures
  • Become more aware of their own culture
  • Complement their curriculum with international perspectives
  • Internationalize their classroom environment
  • Access a unique resource to be used in meeting the Minnesota State Graduation Standards
  • Meet and learn from international speakers from around the world
  • Help students to value difference and celebrate diversity
International Speakers:
  • Offer first-hand information about their countries and cultures not found
    in textbooks or U.S. media
  • Observe and discuss aspects of U.S. culture with Minnesota students
  • Improve their communication, teaching and public speaking skills
  • Motivate students to learn more about specific countries and about global issues
  • Instill confidence and pride in children from cultures other than the U.S. majority culture

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The International Classroom Connection is funded in part by generous contributions from:

3M Foundation
 - ADC Telecommunications
 - Bayport Foundation
 - David Winton Bell Foundation
 - Dwight D. Opperman Foundation
 - Education Minnesota Foundation for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
 - The St.Paul Companies
 - UPS
 - and many generous individuals

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